Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy, busy

Studio work, different media on rice paper. This is going to be a four week pose so I expect to have much stuff. But I also need to prepare three small paintings for a show coming up at the studio/gallery. I have to work. I have to concentrate which is very hard lately. At least it is sunny outside my window. I have to say I really enjoy the distinct seasons. We had a long, cold, grey winter, it hasn't really decided to leave us yet, its considering it, but spring is pushing. I love that, spring will be soon fully here. There are pink and white things about to bloom. I should take pictures. Pink and white and I am in heaven.
I should post this other drawing where I actually transormed Helene into a vase with flowers in six stages. How much fun.

L.'s eggs and one of mine before they went into the oven.
And yes, before I start painting I have to clean my desk. I hate a messy desk but I always end up with one. I found my lovely desk in a garage sale for ten dollars. How cool is that? But it doesn't come with an automatic self-clean device.
And, (last and, I really have to work), I am getting a haircut today. I want a whole new look. You know these moms who put their careers on hold until their children are older and then they want to unleash their passions and just do it? Well I am one of them. I just want to do it with a new head too.
Be bad, have fun.

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