Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's mini-interview with Elk

What inspires you?
First I am amazed by all the many talented artists I see. who could not be inspired by the talent! Simplicity in daily moments , from witnessing life unfold behind the camera lens to the music in my classroom each day. Aritsitcally, I relish tones of the season in nature, delight in the smoothness and edges of papers both vintage and new and the softness and texture of fabric. I am always humbled and inspired knowing a card sent may touch someone or a collage created brings a smile. How do you turn your inspiration into art?
In quiet times I may journal or list ideas, but find that the clearest way for me to create is the actual cutting of fabric. Some shapes I may not use but bring to another piece, always denim and scissors in my bag to snip away during a free moment. The fraying and unraveling of fabric hold a parallel to life for me, a bit frayed in spots, sometimes unraveled, yet the rounded shapes of the bird...a comfort and a wisp of flight.
Papers are torn and cut and kept in a wicker case ready to be applied to a project. I make a few cards ahead but the majority are made when the feelings arise, I find that making them 'fresh' is more interesting and fun. When I make a card for a friend who is ill, or a birthday celebration, I am able to use the feelings I am having about her to create a more personal piece.

How do you balance art and family life?
The balance of family is less of a challenge because my daughters are was a joy to collage with both of them this past summer when we were relaxed and out of school, they have been the greatest teachers! I would say though, the time and energy I devote to my work as a music teacher and the photography for my visual blog are where my balancing act is the most difficult. Ironically though by using both my work and my photography as a part of the artistic process, in the end, they add such layers to the piece.

Thank you Elk for the thoughts and the glimpses into your life and art-making. It is interesting to read how much music is part of your everyday life and how that may have influenced your photography and collage work which are so deliciously poetic.
Have you had a chance to enjoy Elk's photographs and collage work? You will find them in her blog here.


Woollywotnots said...

Another lovely interview Annamaria. Thank you for another dose of lovely inspiration! :-)

Gayle said...

What a wonderful interview with ELK. I enjoy her blogs daily. She is always an inspiration to me!

our little love nest said...

These interviews are so wonderful. They make my Mondays (and sometimes Tuesdays, when I am a little behind)! xoxo

Jeana Marie said...

lovely interview, elk inspires me so, annamaria :)

elk - so great to hear more of your process and i can just imagine you sneaking a quick moment at school or and in between times to snip some denim!