Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now I am a "lady" !

"Once upon a time when the English language was young, the word from which the modern English "lady" sprang meant"loaf kneader" ..."
from the Joy of Cooking, by Marion Rombauer Becker
And honestly, the bread was delicious!!!
Yesterday we had a quiet Thanksgiving , but today I am back at work with my 'challenge'. Three days of no drawing ,though, took their toll ,and mostly everything ended 'shredded' in the recycling bin...This one ...maybe I will rework, maybe it will join its mates in the bin....Sometimes I just don't know.
Thankfully, tomorrow is another day...


Laura said...

how interesting, annamaria! and as for the painting i simply adore the central figure. wonderful.

Kylie said...

Hey, congratulations! I've always wanted to bake bread and yours looks super yummy! You know I always love your work :) K

our little love nest said...

That bread does look delicious. We made a rosemary bread yesterday. I love the smell of it baking.
I have had more bin days than I care to share. I agree with Kylie...I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVE your work! xoxo