Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seeing small-

My focus is narrow- I admit.
I see small.
I see domestic.
I see my children.
I see the kitchen.
I see a small pad of paper, brushes, one pencil.
But I can only do one thing at a time.
When I do one thing my brain seems to block the rest of the world out. Like all of it.
So I don't try to multitask anymore.
I try to stretch time. I try to humour it, seduce it, capture it, organise it, trick it- but it remains the master and I come second.
Many hugs.


Kylie said...

It is the way of the world I think! There was a study done about multi-taskers verses one-thing-at-a-timers and it found that the one-thingers did a better job in less time... so there! You are a winner :)
Love this photo :) K

ELK said...


Leslie said...

Lovely post! I needed to hear that today.

belinda marshall said...

so well put!
then there are the fasters and the slowers!
u are lucky you can be like this ~ try-hard fast multitaskers {like me!} come undone so easily!!
love the photo too.