Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Christmas painting-

It never really feels like a painting is finished.
But I comfort myself with the idea that if I stop one painting I can rework the same subject matter on another one. So you may see that I will paint a second or a third and fourth version of the same image, or just about. I reserve the right to do this.


Kylie said...

It's like that, isn't it? I find the same with lots of things that I make. Nothing on the scale of your wonderful paintings, Annamaria, but I think it applies to all forms of artistic endeavour... when is enough enough? when is it 'right'? Sometimes we know instantly, but others... I think it's magnificent :) K

belinda marshall said...

i had a little giggle here ~ absolutely you reserve the right :)
i'm doing much the same thing i guess!
lovely work as always.

Laura said...

just so wonderful and true. i especially love the detail of the mother gently holding the baby's tiny foot...

i seldom feel i have finished a painting so i completely empathize with your determination to be free to create variations- it is our inner eye we are following and it is often very elusive.

elk said...

that is our life ..yes? add a little here, rework it there....this is one calm looking painting i feel it!

can I say how much I appreciate your favoring my means so much to me

Woollywotnots said...

Lovely : )