Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday there was a handbag next to her but I painted over it- these are very small paintings and they are meant to force me to keep within visual economy-
That sounds like a university course:
Visual Economics-
International Visual Economics-


Kylie said...

Gorgeous Annamaria... keeping it tight; holding the tension of a piece just like with your crochet ;) I think I need to enrol in you visual economics course! :) Kx

our little love nest said...

Loving this, Annamaria! Sign me up;)
You have to know I need a class in this! xoxo

annamaria potamiti said...

Hey, we got a course going!!!
Thank you Kylie and Dee, I always love your comments-
Annamaria ;)

Anonymous said...


I just saw your art at the Eastside Cultural Crawl tonight and I wanted to say how much I loved your drawings and the words that accompany them. Your work is authentic and from the heart. Thank you for sharing it.


Laura said...

the painting is perfect. and the subject engages the viewer in a delightful way. the little yellow bird and blue vessel in the background-wonderful.

thanks for leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog.. and i agree about the old movies. practically all we watch are old movies. comforting and not so frenetically paced...

have a lovely weekend!


Unknown said...

yep, like it better sans handbag ...