Friday, December 4, 2009

Light in a Christmas kitchen

I decided to treat myself with something warm and sweet and I picked up a collection of Christmas stories called 'Favourite Christmas stories from Fireside Al' selected and introduced by Alan Maitland.

Here's a little description of a kitchen by a writer called Lillian Eugenia Smith. I wish I could copy for you the whole 'Christmas kitchen', but a few lines will have to do:

"The kitchen was a wide big room on the southwest side of the house, full of yellow light in the afternoon;and this yellow light always smelled like spice cake, or spareribs slowly browning, or maybe sweet potato pies at the crusty moment of being considered "done" and ready to set out on a long table to cool."

As an artist, the nature of light has been of great interest to me for the last almost thirty years. But I had no idea it could 'smell' like any of these things. Now , a whole new dimension has been added to the way I see things...- and that is what excellent art/writing is all about -after all- isn't it?


Kylie said...

Absolutely! How fabulous to have discovered this new dimension too, Annamaria. Funny how it feels so new and yet so familiar too...? As if we always knew it but didn't realise :) K

annamaria potamiti said...

So true Kylie- we always knew!!!
Annamaria :)

Jeana Marie said...

I like that idea, the smell of light...yes, we must associate our other senses with certain types of light whether we are conscious of it or not. Really thoughtful..

ELK said...

oh that perfectly described the kitchen...and light REALLY is important to me, one of the reasons we chose the home we did was all the windows!
your teapot is so pretty

Laura said...

wonderful insight annamaria. thanks for sharing all of it!

Woollywotnots said...

Totally agree and the piece you've shared sounds delightful.