Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying to get some painting done.

Sunday's flowers. Some are mine and some are Rea's.

This photo was a response to Kylie's tag on Flickr. Lovely, very clever and very talented Kylie-

I am working away (that's one reason I am taking so many photos of my self- any excuse...)-

Not as quietly as I would like since school is off for two weeks because of the Olympics. I hope you are watching. It's an absolute joy to follow the doings of all these incredible athletes. I salute them!(ALL OF THEM)

This little space is next to the studio. The older children use it alot. The whole thing was arranged by Rea. The artwork is mom's. The rugs were bought many years ago in Skopelos which is the island where the film 'Mama mia' was shot. I lived on that island for six years and had the older girls there as babies. Part of my heart will always be there



Kylie said...

You are such a love, Annamaria - thank you for taking part in the Flickr fun! You look beautiful, as always. Love that little nook in your home. That desk/table is just gorgeous - what do the kids use it for? Such an exciting time the Olympics, isn't it? Have a great time with the kids :) K

Laura said...

always interesting and you are such a beauty. it sounds like your life has been an adventure.

Jane O Sullivan said...

what a lovely table annamaria , just think of the stories it could tell ...glad you have lovely flowers ...me too...they are keeping my heart fresh too
thank you for your support (bless you x )

red or gray art said...

hello friend...great shots of you special artist!!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you my dear friends-

belinda marshall said...

a gorgeous little spot to sit!
the tag game has been really fun ~ it's a whole other way of connecting, don't you think?

kirsty said...

That's one seriously sweet table! How interesting that you lived in Skopelos - we're going to Skiathos in May and are hoping to visit the island for the day. I really cannot wait - never even been to Greece before! x