Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Left and right-

I turn to the right:

I turn to the left:
Funny thing today, when I went to the studio I found myself wondering outloud (in all sincerity):
"What on earth is painting and
what is it doing in my house?..."
I still wonder...
but I did complete three works on paper, and this is one of them:
And if you have the time and the inclination you may consider reading abit from the journals
of Harriet Shorr -here


Kylie said...

Oh this is so interesting, Annamaria! I love it! The spaces and pull between the objects is just fabulous :) Kx

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've asked the same questions inumerable times. Thank you for the link to the journals -- plenty to ponder there. As always, your images and compositions are so interesting -- one of the reasons painting is "in your house." :) Gloria

paintdropskeepfalling said...

Just spent a while reading Harriet's journal. I love her pen and ink drawings and all the light in her paintings.

kirsty said...

I like the graph paper you're using!

belinda marshall said...

this is kind of funny :)
it all becomes too abstract sometimes!
i love what you've made of the questions.

Hazel Terry said...

Sometimes I feel like that and then I switch to applied arts for a while, but I always come back to painting.

annamaria potamiti said...

It's a tough one sometimes- I feel like a vacation now!Like Now!lol!
Annamaria xx

ELK said...

such a feeling here . dark and light . i have missed my visits with you A.

Marchi Wierson said...

Thanks anna maria for the link to harriet. I am looking forward to perusing it. Loving your art and photos!