Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 14- systems that work- and some that don't-

It's another late night, so this will be short.
The drawing is about systems...- suffice to say, I have been reading alot about the Greek economy...
Systems that don't work.
Enmeshed systems.
Enmeshed economies.
Systems that work.
Ecosystems that support and nourish.
Responsible systems.
Accountable systems.
Open systems and muddled systems.
Flexible systems that allow for change.
Autonomous systems.

Systems with blockages.
Constipated systems.
Systems that interconnect and stretch eachother.
There is a lot of my own life-style 'systems' that need some changing and clearing up too.
And of course when I think of systems I think of electrical circuits and blackouts and...
light -
more light please-


Laura said...

insightful and provacative reflection...the drawing has a blueprint quality that i love..thank you:)

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Laura,your kind words are always so very appreciated!
Annamaria :)

our little love nest said...

Very thoughtful!
I love the interconnectedness between your life and what you are reading.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Shayna said...

Annamaria ~ a thought provoking poem and most fascinating drawing!

mano said...

so interesting thoughts - and a very exciting drawing!

ArtSparker said...

Systems over time tend to develop past their original functions and become mostly self-preserving - well, at lest that seems to be true on the scale of economy and politics.

Kylie said...

Oh I just LOVE this!! I feel terrible to have missed a week of your posts and such loveliness :) Off to see more! Kx

sophie munns said...

glad I stopped by and read this Annamaria... yes... systems!
something to chew on for sure!