Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obviously restless-

No image today.
I have been trying really hard to find something.
I don't think I am on the right path.
I made many treasuries on Etsy these last few days and the one thing that treasuries definitely do, is teach you
what you love.
I realised I love colour, ambiguity, line and texture.
I realised I love being surprised.
But I have been boring myself silly.
There is a reason for it of course.
But I won't get into it here.
Generally, I am a drama queen, so we all know that, and that's done.
So, what will I do now?
I will sleep on it.
What will I do tomorrow?
I will open the closet where I have stored all my paintings from last year and
rethink them.
Maybe not re-think, because that only makes me go around in circles.
Re-feel them.
Like just talk to them, or sing to them, or some such nonsense.
I miss talking from my heart.
I wish I was all together but I am always prone to much nosense
and that is that.
What will I do tomorrow?
Probably put all my old stuff back into the store , change everything again and
speak to the universe about it.
I do believe things happen for a reason.
Mostly the reason is apparent many years later.
I guess I will have to wait.
I guess I will have to live with very little clarity.
I guess the 'order' I have been seeking with such intensity will have to
find me, instead of me finding it.
I am letting go and I am floating down the river.
I only just had green tea.
I promise.
And I am very sleepy.
But I wish I could stay up all night and the next day and night and as long as it takes for me to
figure out how I will solve some of my problems.
But I better get to sleep.


helicopter6 said...

It's so tricky sometimes, and yes, I think 'refeeling' your work, and writing about it, is a good way forward. I feel like I'm in a very similar state of mind, and I've been doing exactly that. It will come to you, there are many of us who experience this - not particularly comforting(!!), but at least it helps to not feel quite so isolated in what's a very normal process. All the very best.

Kim Baise said...

i wish you a wonderful dream!

ELK said...

firstly ..i relish your header is lovely!

I empathize with you and will continue to send special wishes your way over the waves are such a special person...wish we could talk over "tea"

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you so much all of you- It was a really rough spot that, last night, but I feel it was all for the best!

Annamaria :)XX