Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy in her body-

I feel a new kind of freedom-

I thought this was like choreography-
a choreographed drawing-

The model was happy in her body-
which was liberating in itself-
a woman happy in her body.
That's something.
The older I get the happier I am in my body.

I have embrassed my flaws (well, quite)
When I was seventeen I was bulimic. Bulimic, as a term didn't exist then, I think.
I took so many laxatives I created holes in my intestines.The doctors thought it was something else.
Noone knew.
So I celebrate women happy in their bodies.
And I am one of them!!!Yay!!
And a treasury here!



Kylie said...

Oh Annamaria, those new paintings are just so alive and full of fluid movement - they really are something else :) I agree that we all need to try and be happier with our bodies. I'm sorry you went through such a traumatic period in your life but very happy that it is all behind you now. Your new haircut looks fabulous :) Kxx

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Kylie- So lovely to hear your kind commetns about the new work- and thanks for the hair! I am loving it! such fun!XX

Anonymous said...

Wow, the drawings are beautiful! Love the lines, they are very strong. Brave of you to write about that period..but so good that yoy have left that behind. You can be proud of your self!

Hazel Terry said...

Lovely positive work, colour and fluidity. x

belinda marshall said...

yes for overcoming these things! and i can see in your work how liberating it is ~ beautiful.
love your haircut too :)

Elisabeth said...

Oh yes celebrat, and be proud - thats good!

Lovely drawings all of them, the choreographed drawing in particular.

renilde said...

Great work, love how the lines and colors are dancing across the paper.
Great post. Size or length doesn't matter, a person happy in her/his body automaticlly looks good. The photo shows a strong radiant woman.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Wow! how delightful and agile your paintings are!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you all!I was really worried after I wrote this post, because I don't want to be defined by any negative aspect of my personal history. But I hope it's clear that this is a happy ending story, and anyway alot of my artwork is related to the thoughts and emotions created by the challenges I have encountered at different times. And that too is a good thing.XX