Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milky grey morning turns to golden afternoon-

 But cold-
 On days like these I remember that I was indeed born in the Mediterrenean...
 Which of course does not prevent me from savouring what is beautiful here-
 and taking pleasure peaking into my own home-
 The trick is not to let the -agh- pink carpet distruct me-
but look at the bubbles of light on the wall-
paintings almost completed-
soup's on the stove-
my world is quiet just before they all come rushing in-
yes, I am grateful to be learning, but I promise you, I have no claims to wisdom-
(thank you for your sweet comments)
no, definitely no wisdom-
only a will to learn-
and bubbles of light on my wall-


ELK said...

the bubbles of light do really help the unfavorite carpet..I know this as I have the same in a drab beige Keep painting exciting

Kylie said...

Hi Annamaria! Lovely to be back here visiting your wonderful space :) Love those light bubbles too and your painting in progress looks fantastic! Kx

Julia da Franca said...

i would love to take a walk in that forrest, am a bit tired of german winter. your home looks wonderful, I LIKE the carpet color!! wish you all the best for your opening, so sad that i can't be there. xo, julia

Unknown said...

Wow, all your pictures are so stunning, the first and all the mushroom, the bubble at your home, looks all so great.