Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Resolved work, forests at home,and inspiration-

Resolved this-'my nest in an abstract world'-mixed media on wooden panel-

Loved these- a house like a forest of tulips today-
drunk this-
watched this- about the power of belief-so inspiring-

Annamaria Potamiti


renilde said...

You created your own garden, these tulips are beautiful, so are your posts , refreshing and inspiring. Love the water-colour in your previous post,love the movement, the curves, super, x

Kylie said...

They are all beautiful things in their own way, and I think that is such a wonderful way to look at the world. Fabulous work as always, Annamaria :) My eyes 'popped' when I first saw it. Once I got used to so much colour in my senses though I could see and feel how it worked. Thanks for my morning sensory explosion! :) Kx