Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Half Eeyore- half piglet-

(image from here)
Yes, I tell you, Eeyore is just who I become very often...
Particularly, when I have a cold-allergy combo that makes me
hug my numerous tissue boxes for dear life-
And Piglet too.
Oh My!
My favorite painting from the show-
Rea enjoying the very loud classical music from a passing car-
Posing for mom-
Who rewarded her with coffee and 'fruit fries- with yogourt ketchap'-
a 'Little Nest' specialty for little kids, which is absolutely perfect for big kids as well.
Ok my sweets, I will go back to eating my thistles now, and do some
more painting - I should say I guess, that I am doing a new series of
'make me feel good paintings', just to go against the being in the dumps
mood-Is it bad to make 'kiss me better' paintings? Hey, I liked the
sound of this- Hmm-

Hugs, my sweets-


Carole Reid said...

"kiss me better paintings!" sounds like they need to be shared. Kisses!

Francesca said...

wishing you better. we are all coldy too, sudden change in weather i think. our summer seems to have ended at the end of may. you have a beautiful girl there by the way. but you know that already. x

K R I S T I I N A said...

Wow. The swimmers" -Once again I am amazed by the way you make your paintings talk...You´re very talented. Not often one sees this potential. Goodie goodie...more more!!!

erleichda said...

i like the idea : ) and i hope you are feeling better soon. Rea is a beautiful name : )thanks for encouraging my artistical tentensies ; )

Kylie said...

How beautiful are these photos?! Rea looks totally gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better soon. Kx