Thursday, September 1, 2011

After a 'big time out'-

It's not only little ones that need some 'quiet time' now and then-
I did- I certainly did-
This has been the year of 'falling on my face' multiple times-
and it ain't over yet, I know-
So, I have been doing my best
to rediscover the things that bring me joy
and just plain having 'fun'...
I sleep as much as I can-
I paint the things I love-
I simplified our meals-
and obviously any ideas of 'dieting' has been thrown
out the window-
I am currently celebrating my soft and rolling, 'huggable' extensions...-
I am making lists of all the things I want
to do and will * of course* do one day-
1. *read all the 'classics'*
(have you ever done that- or aspired to?)
(is there a serious list somewhere?)
2.*take one favorite chef's book and cooking
each and every recipe* (a la Julie and Julia of course)
(which chef would you choose? I am still thinking
about mine- I am debating between Michael Smith-Nigella-
and Jamie Oliver...)
3.* read as much as I can about gardening
because one day I will have a nice little
yard to plant a garden in*-for real-
not as a metaphor for a marital... relationship...-hehe-
(any books to suggest?)
4.*watch the whole series of the 'Gilmore
girls' while painting my  toe nails-*
(I have never watched the 'Gilmore gilrs' before
and my daughter Elli,
looked at me with a questionmark face-
'isn't it a few years too late mom?'
This new part of my life will allow plenty
of plain, old-fashioned vegging-
comfort food,
comfort reading,
comfort watching,
comfort sleeping,
cheap entertainment if I have to,
and I will go through this life cycle
with a smile on my lips-
5.* Paint a painting daily*,
even if I have already discovered that I
am horribly undisciplined, and hate any kind
of commitment-
6.* Aim for 1000 paintings in the next few years*-
I might be ABLE TO REALLY PAINT then...-
so I will first aim for 500-
and really 100-
so probably it is better to focus of the next 10-
yes- I will start with doing 1 (glorious) painting a day-
and sometimes go a bit larger because I refuse to be too
'tight 'as-ed' about this-
yes, I will be gentle on my hard-to-commit self-
I am thinking of bribes and such...-
Anyway, I have already started on this, and I will show more
artwork soon,
but I really must run off to the studio now-
and to attend to some young girl's need
for new school supplies,
(back to school  in five days....yea!)
life as usual-
but not before I show you these:

Ok. we were there only three days -
but it was plenty to fall in LOVE
with the place-

Imagine vineyards in BC,
open skies,
beautiful lakes,
more vineyards,
sunny, sunny days...

Yes, this is *Naramata*-
we wanted to stay there, live there,
breathe there,
paint this landscape daily...
oh- I dream a dream-...

so what about you?
Did you all have a wild and wonderful August?
Or was it a quiet, gentle and wonderful August?

Annamaria Potamiti


Sophie Munns said...

hi Annamaria,
How lovely you took this time for a break and the location looked stunning i must say.
The list... Mmmm - could relate to that and yes i have seen classics list from tome to it too...thats interesting!
You are giving yourself a hard time for not being committed....
Funny...I would not have thought that at all when i see what you produce and am amazed by the vitality in your work and warmth in your day to day living.
best to you ...and hare fun with the lists...!

helicopter6 said...

Well hello lovely. What a bright & inspiring post to compliment this beautiful Spring day.
I particularly relate to "I am horribly undisciplined, and hate any kind of commitment"... they can be such a paralysing little combination at times can't they! But it sounds like your break has reinvigorated your mindscape which is wonderful, and yes, do be gentle with yourself re this enthusiastic list!! Can't wait to see your new work.
If you find a great list of classics, please let us know (I'll have a look around too!) - there's something about the poetics of the language that runs amiss in many contemporary novels.
I think I have planned for the last 20 yeats to grab just one cookbook and try everything page by page (of the things I like!). Still uncrossed on the list - good luck with that one! (I'm thinking a different tactic may need to be employed - ie choose 1 book, mark the recipes that particularly resonate and just cook those ones!)
Hope things to get too hectic for you too quickly.

erleichda said...

what a beautiful place to have a holiday to...
i have a 40 things i should do before 40 ... of course i don`t have enough time for all of these thing ( i am 39!) but ullysses and all of Proust is in my list ( to read) i think they are classic and should be read... i like Jamie Oliver, he and his recipies are so friendly. and for the garden i prefer the internet. one can find loads of information just for free ; ) good to have you back my friend : )

belinda marshall said...

great to have you back!!
your photos are gorgeous ~ the place looks so peaceful. hope you are feeling refreshed and better after your time out. fingers crossed ~ no more falling on your face.

Francesca said...

helloooooooo! so lovely to have you back. you and your words that always make me think. glad you had a wonderful holiday, looks beautiful.
re books. you could start here:

it's not all gloom and has pippi longstocking!

re chefs: go jamie not nigella. if you go nigella you will be sneaking down to the kitchen at midnight to put your finger in some chocolate pie or other!


Kylie said...

Oh these photos are just divine! Glad you've had a good break Annamaria :) Very much looking forward to the beautiful paintings I'm sure will come out of this new mindset. Now, re the classics: start with ones that you're familiar with, like Jane Austen, George Eliot or Charles Dickens... I think it makes it easier to get into that different way of reading (5 pages to describe what was sitting on the desk etc!). Cooking books: love Nigella :) Looking forward to reading how it goes for you! Kx

makiko hastings said...

Hi Annamaria,
Welcome back! Beautiful post this is. Glad to know you had a good break too. I am off to Japan in two days, so I am so exciting! love to you xm

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Welcome back! Such a wonderful post! I especially liked the sequence regarding your commitment to paint (how many?) paintings a day. :) And yes, one a day is ambitious -- very ambitious. An admirable goal. Your new pear and sunflower painting in your Etsy shop is beautiful. Back to school is such a bittersweet time for moms. Best....

K R I S T I I N A said...

it is so great to have you back! You earned the "big time out"- we all do- the artists are hard workers. Believe me- I know.
Hope the best with your work in the studio and can´t wait to see the progress.
see ya.

annamaria potamiti said...

I was afraid to look here, after such a long break- you are all too wonderful though and I am going to my corner to just take in and love this sweet moment of having my friends visit!!