Friday, October 7, 2011

Holly by the window-

Holly by the window-
acrylics on gessoed board
5 x 7 inches

    My great-grandmother lived through a war that devastated and uprooted her young family.
Years later, my mother always remembered her grandma Maritsa's home (in a goverment housing project in Athens) to be cheerful and pretty, because Maritsa made sure it was always
decorated with fresh flowers (daily baking smells probably helped too!)

Annamaria Potamiti


renilde said...

That small piece of window..i like it, it adds just that extra, the two previous paintings are beautiful too, that leaf against that sky...not just a leaf against sky, great! you are amazingly productive , wow, love that energy , xx

erleichda said...

maybe thats what people need to understand today... that happiness is in itself a very, very simple thing. a smiling face, homemade food and some flowers. our greek grandmothers knew so much ...
i love the glass jar... i mean i can see its glass! and the green on the holly greeting the green on the widow ( or a picture frame?) and as our grandmothers would say : ωραίο μπράβο σου!

Carole Reid said...

Mmmmm that pink tablecloth and those red berries are yummy!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you my sweets, I feel like I am actually going what I should have been doing all along- it just feels so right!:)

Kylie said...

I'm loving your "by the window' series so much, Annamaria. Your story about your grandmother is just beautiful :) I agree with Demie - I think a lot of the world has forgotten simple pleasures like this in that mad consumerist whirl we've all got caught up in. Kx