Thursday, November 17, 2011

A post with an emphasis on blue-

Blue- obviously- here

Mine, hidden-

                                                     17th century Modernism from India- here

I think it's the gorgeous stove that pulls this space together so beautifully-here

                                               I came across  Klaas Gubbles- Love his original vision-
                                                Interview here-

Annamaria Potamiti


erleichda said...

when i left Greece, and both my mom and i knew its going to be forever, she said : go my child and never look back. but i did. and that blue will always hunt me...

Carole Reid said...

I love your new header and photo!
Did you know that most men choose blue as their favourite colour? Blue is my choice for a calming bedroom and flashy new jeans.

Erin said...

These Indian Modernism paintings are so interesting.
And oh I love the stove.....!
I have been working with the colour blue these days. So great timing :)

Kristen Donegan said...

I am intrigued by those Indian Modern painting too- wow
and blue is a color that brings me down and lifts me up at the same time -very special!

red-handed said...

Those modernist pieces are the bomb.

makiko hastings said...

lovely selection :)