Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Okanagan break-

Impulsively we left for the Okanagan. We are staying until Friday.
Ten minutes after we arrived I felt like someone withdrew my battery and I went limp. Really. Limp.
We are staying in an isolated area and loving the quiet. I think I wanted to come here so that I could
listen to my inner voice. Whatever that might be. This is a crossroads and I need guidance. I feel like
I have inverted, looking in. Not the most fair thing for my husband and daughter I admit. But I can't just snap out of it. The call is too strong.



Paravent said...

That's the wonder of getting away and having a true holiday I think. I hope you continue to relax just as deeply Annamaria. You never know, your husband and Lucy might be relaxing just as much :) Kx

p.s. Lucy looks so grown up! and totally gorgeous like her mumma :)

Francesca said...

sometimes you have to be selfish, for the greater good. they'll understand. x