Sunday, August 5, 2012

Between the pond and the beach-

Much time spent lately between the pond and the beach. I did a painting of a swan from memory
a couple of years ago. And then one from my own photos a month ago. I am not 'there' yet though,
and I really think it's all about drawing. As much as I love photography, it's more abstract, and  it's
about seeing. In my mind with drawing you get to also 'hold', 'caress', even 'scratch' the
thing observed. It's so much more physical. I haven't been drawing enough, and I used to all the time. I got distracted I guess with trying to do a painting a day. The daily painting practice works beautifully for some people I am sure, but it's not the ideal way for me. I spent the morning drawing at the pond and taking photos. Each way of 'looking' enriches my perception. The painting has to wait a tiny bit.



erleichda said...

I agree with you. About how different it is to observe by sketching/drawing. It is so easy to take a photograph now that sometimes I think we don't really "see" what we take a photo of...

Good to be back and find you again : )

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Demie. I am happy you came by;)

annamaria potamiti said...
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