Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deer crossing-

                                 Deer crossing- gouache, 5 x 7 inches, on watercolor paper

I painted this little one from a photograph I took when we were on vacation. As I was painting I was wondering how deer manage to be so graceful when every part of their body is so out of proportion with every other part? Tells you something maybe about what makes things beautiful.  Is overall harmony created from carefully balanced parts that are not in harmony with each other? Just thinking.



Kristen Donegan said...

I think your thinking is probably true, and thinking that makes me laugh :)

This deer is beautiful and humorous to me, mainly due to it's expression - which is so true.
We have many deer in our yard and I have seen that look. Like they know they got caught but believe if they just move slowly enough no one will notice

Paravent said...

Good question. I think it's always more interesting and beautiful to have a bit of wonk in the mix :) Kx

Ashley Shell said...

Wow what a beautiful painting. You have talent! I love the deer in the headlights look that you give this doe. so very true of their characteristics. Beautiful artwork!

S said...

Such beautiful thoughts you have and such a beautiful query you have put here ! There seems to be perfection in a life which looks imperfect from the surface. If you look at some dancers, they might be short and curvy , with short hands and legs and curvy bodies but they move so gracefully ! In our life too, every little thing-big,small,good ,bad, silly,profound makes us into who we are today. Into a Complete being.
I love your deer painting. It is being so beautifully painted. I admire your talent. You made the deer come alive with your strokes and colors.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you my sweets;)

Jane O Sullivan said...

she is lovely annamaria, i have a special attachment to deers , and yes I think you have it , it is the unlikelyness of them , their otherwordliness , how delicate , yet how swift , so wild yet always at the cusp of homanity and wilderness , between the forest and the clearing .......I could go on.