Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Martin Parr: Teddy Gray's Sweet Factory

Thinking about sustainable business practices.
This factory has been operating for nearly two hundred years, by four generations of one family, it is still healthy and thriving even if relatively 'small'. So far it has sustained the family but also a community of people who have worked there for most of their working lives. They use no 'social media', not even computers, very basic machinery, and at the helm of it all is an eighty year old woman who does 'all the calculations in her head'. I believe there is much to be learned from this 'sweet' business.
If you have some time to watch I think you will enjoy it.



Carole Reid said...

Thanks Annamaria, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this. Now I'm craving some sweets! :)
Love your latest paintings too! xo Carole

claire said...

I am totally amazed!!! Dudley, where Teddy Grays is, is 5/10 mins down the road from where I live. Been in Birmingham 23yrs and never heard of it until now! It's not exactly a hotspot as the shots of the shop on the high street show but it's so ironic that you used social media and technology from across the pond to tell me about something right on my doorstep which I hadn't known about.

Sophie Munns said...

Wonderful Annamaria.... what find.. and for Claire who lives down the street!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Carole and Sophie. Thank you my sweets;-)xx

Claire!!Haha, how funny and yes how strange the world has become in that way. Strange in good way, since I can direct you to a place of sweeties in Birmingham all the way from Vancouver.Enjoy!XX

erleichda said...

I have been watching the video and a big smile came to my face! How good it is to know such places still exist!

Thank you Annamaria!

Kathleen Maunder said...

How wonderful to think there are still places like this holding out. Seemed cluttered yet serene there.

I just noticed that beautiful book at the right side of your blog, Annamaria. It looks amazing and I recognized Anna Emilia's work on the cover right away as well as several names inside of it. I am adding it to my 'wish list'. :)