Sunday, October 7, 2012

TEDxACADEMY - Στάθης Ποταμίτης - Ερινύες / Ευμενίδες

My brother , Stathis Potamitis, talked recenlty at TED xACADEMY in Athens.
Within the greater theme of the Greek crisis, Stathis discussed the need to break an on-going cycle of violence and anger within Greek society, and create a space where consensus and rational solutions are possible. To approach this sensitive subject he refers to Eumenides, the third part of
the trilogy Oresteia, an ancient Greek tragedy by Aeschelus. Hope you have sharpened your Greek



erleichda said...

Dear Annamaria,

it's good to know people like your brother still live in Greece. There is hope!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Demie. ;-)

Sophie Munns said...

How fabulous Annamaria...
this is good to read about... I think it is impossible for me to listen? Is it translated at all? You must be proud of your brother!
S x
Have I told you how wonderful my 4 months in Greece were a loooonnnggg time ago...