Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 74- Homework

Day 74- Homework
watercolor 7,5 x 11 inches
I was never very strict with homework, the truth is, and now I see that I was
wrong. I didn't really think of childhood as the place to secure work ethics for the rest of one's life , but the truth is it's so much easier when good
habits are established very early on.


erleichda said...

that's true
I must admit I am quite strikt about homework routines
and sometimes I feel I shouldn't but kids do like routine and maybe that's why that's the best period in a persons life, to learn some...

love the watercolour : )

annamaria potamiti said...

You are so right, kids do love routine, and actually I do too -so much! if it allows me to complete a body of work. Φιλιά;-)

renilde said...

dear Annamaria, i was here some days ago and thought i'd left a comment but i must have made a mistake.
anyway, i love the serenity in Lucy behind the flowers, i'm usually touched by certain details in your work that catch my eye at first glance, a beautiful painted pitcher or a foot, a flower,the skunk, oh boy.
but i also sense the atmospheres, sunny days, evenings, gloomy weather.
your dairy in paintings with some words that make me often smile or reflect.
and i love it when you paint from memory, a day on the island is lovely, the expression on the faces, the little dog and that big patch of green, very peaceful scene.
in homework it's again the expression, the concentration on her face,the window in the corner, very nice,
thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated, xx

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you so much Renilde! What a lovely, thoughtful comment. I so very appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts for me;-)