Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 103- Happy in her pink dress

Day 103- Happy in her pink dress-
acrylics 4 x 6 inches
I decided to start my daily paintings again but I gave myself new rules involving the amount of time
I am 'allowed' to spend on them.  So there she is, happy and pink, painted in about an hour and a bit!

Portrait of S.
acrylics on wooden panel, 10 x 10 inches
Finished I think, or I will try to think of it as finished because I have already begun to work
on his younger brother's portrait, and I am running out of time. I fuss so much. But I am loving this portrait, and I don't know if you can tell from my cell phone photo, but his neck is totally round and the t-shirt actually lifts off his skin and breathes... Yes, I am happy even if not in a pink dress but in jeans and a black painter's apron!

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