Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 97- When a visitor got comfortable

Day 97- When a visitor got comfortable
acrylics 4 x 6 inches
I believe his face says it all. He knows he wasn't supposed to climb on the chair, and get comfy, but he thought he would try it out anyway... He was a visitor after all.  But when he got his paws on my
beautiful cupcakes I drew the line. The party just moved to the garden my puppy friend!
(all dogs, bears and other lovable animals in my paintings are and will be totally imaginary- I would probably share the cupcake, if it was me, which 'I' am not, if you know what I mean)
(and just so you know, I had to go to a much smaller size because I seem to be getting a regular flow of commissions, and I just don't have time for everything. I am working on two lovely , adorable boys right now, a surprise anniversary gift from their dad to the mom!! I will share some of the process here when I get a bit further with them)

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