Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 157- My mess.

Day 157- My mess
 11 x 14 inches acrylics on Masonite board
I photographed this so the colors are a little off, but it's too large for my scanner, and I am not
a good photographer. So, there. (I am a naturally very messy person, even though I do try to control it. I usually carry books, and sketchbooks with me everywhere I go. It's comfort-mess.)
I have discovered many new favorite artists recently.  Here's one.


Kate Fernyhough said...

lovely to see the link to Humphrey Ocean, I met him as he was a visiting artist when I was at uni back in the 80's, and was very genuine and encouraging. I was star struck mainly because he was a friend of Ian Dury, one of my heroes!!

Love this painting, the flat background and the 3D box of tissues, the pink and orange talking to each other!!

best wishes :)

annamaria potamiti said...

That sounds like a terrific meeting! As I was googling Ocean to find out more about him I saw that Aubrey Levinthal had already posted about his work some time ago. I read her blog regularly but his paintings never 'spoke' to me then. Isn't it funny how the right artwork finds you at the right time? In a sense it also shows me how much I have learned in the last couple of years. Many times I have wished I was back at uni. It is a good place for artists, who can get so isolated out in the 'real world'...But obviously, blogging helps! Thank you for coming by and leaving an interesting,and kind comment.