Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday breakfast

Lucy and her mom. Well, me. Morning hugs.

Dimitri arranged the stuff on the table so his mom could take

an artistic photo!

Third breakfast. Dimitri at nine o'clock before going to

Second breakfast, Lucy at eight o'clock.

First breakfast, six o'clock. Nigel couldn't sleep. Tried a
new pancake recipe. Well, he invented it. Ground oats and smashed bananas. Very yammy.
We are trying to use very little or no wheat flour. We are trying to eat healthy but sometimes we think of a total life change involving opening a chocolaterie... I still love 'Chocolat'- the book and the film- but the book was sadder- We don't watch very many movies lately. We are too tired too early in the evening. I try to catch up with the film world when I do my ironing. So not very often, only when Nigel gets very uncomfortable with not having anything decent to wear. So during my ironing I have loved, 'Little miss Sunshine', 'Fat Boy Run', 'Goodby Lenin'- I am sure these are very old and there were more but I guess I haven't ironed alot lately.
I am doing the minimum housework possible because I am supposed to be painting but weeks go by and I still have so little to show for it. I am trying to pick three things I really like for a group show at the studio, and nothing seems good enough. But I did book a solo show -in a year's time- next April was the first opening. I have done my share of group shows since we moved to Vancouver, four and a half years ago, but this is moving beyond my comfort zone. Still, I am old enough to know that I have never, ever regretted having taken that first step into the unknown.
Lucy and Nigel have gone out to buy me a birthday present for next Saturday. Its a sunny day.
I had a phonecall with my mom in which I heard her admitt to things that I never thought she would, I also said things that I never thought I would. It seems that I have spent a life time building a spine. And eventhough there is still so much to be done, so much to fight for, I know I can take it standing.
Be brave, enjoy the sunny day.

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Sofia Kennedy said...

I love all these photos. I've always thought Lucy looked like you but in the photo of the 2 of you......... She's going to be identical to you. Lucky girl.