Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pages form my scketchbook. I need to find the quiet inner space and the quiet time to move these images to the next level. They are like seeds planted, I am not sure how they will turn out. Seeing these images posted makes a difference already in the way the seeds are nourished. The perspective changes and they become already part of this new landscape. It fascinates me this newly discovered geography. Where does the human figure fit in here?
I love listening to the radio while I work. I listen to CBC Radio 2. Between the radio and my pink world in a box, my studio has wide open windows.

The scketchbook work is done in watercolor, gouche, tempera, prismacolour pencils, and basically everything I can lay my hands on.

Lucy had a moody morning. But she sat still for me to take this photo.
Then she curled up again. School wasn't something she was looking forward to today.

Maybe it's all the rainy mornings we have had for such a long time. But the flowers persist even in this greyness. When you live in Vancouver you come to love the grey. Or at least be intrigued by the endless variations of grey.

Unlike my daughter, I am looking forward to the day ahead. The world is having breakfast with me in a pink electronic box. I am thinking of my watercolour project : Small Blessings. I am painting one hundred small paintings in which I am exploring the expanding landscape I inhabit. Some will become larger paintings some not. I will allow the paintings to take me where they will. The idea came from hearing something in the radio about this band who committed to composing one hundred songs. One hundred tunes, one hundred seedlings, one hundred smal paintings.

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