Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three blessings on my towel. These are so precious to me now. There are many things, very important issues that are all muddled up in our lives right now. Things that begun a long time ago and are still unresolved. I am at a loss at how to deal with them and so I go through every day trying to focus on the blessings that are still with us. My artwork elates me, brings me immense joy. Being able to put some beautiful shapes and colors together in an innovative way, in an exciting new way, that is such a gift and it makes my life meaningfull. Facing the bullying fear of failure that... makes my day! This is one of the last drawings from Steve's sessions. Its done on rice paper, a surface I find very exciting because its very unpredictable.

And some plants that have seen their better days but I haven't done anything with them yet because they have bulbs and I am not sure what to do with bulbs.

And just look at those green leaves in the sunlight!

So I did say I was not any fabulous housekeeper, I was very honest about that, and yes Lucy and I had no matching socks today. But they did match in a way...

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