Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday outing

Lucy got up this morning earlier than all of us, just to make this little hairclip. It was broken by the end of our outing but it doesn't matter because here it is in this photo. She has been so industrious with her beads(she inherited those from her sister Rea), and also with lots of small but adorable plasticine projects. Rea used to be a busy crafting bee as well, all the way up to the last year of highschool. Then other things became priority and of course now there's university. Don't say this to her but I bet my bottom dollar Rea will one day rediscover her crafting soul with tremendous hunger and joy. Look at these two pretty things.
Just like Lucy's hairclip, gone by the end of our outing. Does it matter since we did recognize their beauty and captured it with a lense?

For Lucy everything is potential treasure. 'Look mom at this beautiful rock...'

And to end this very sunny day, two colors which don't lose their sunny nature even behind a fence.


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