Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On mothering and how a husband can help

There is this that I need to say about my husband. I am so very grateful to him for allowing me to be a competent mother, hopefully a good mother. I have a real personality defect: I don't need Scotty to beam me up- I have my very own internal mechanism. You may be talking to me and I may be nodding and looking straight into your eyes...,but the truth is its not me, it's my hologram... You see how that can really hamper one's style as a mother. But I am so lucky because N. comes in and saves the day. He notices it all, who didn't wash their hands before dinner, who didn't do the dishes, who is late with homework, who touched the walls with cruddy hands,-man, I didn't even know we had walls! Seriously, he sees things, he sets boundaries, he teaches how things get done. I am good at the emotional stuff, you know the kissing and hugging and crying and worrying and all that...I probably make him a better parent too, yea maybe. Ok. I will be serious. Mothering is a tough job. Is it too late to apply for another job?
And , some little blessings in the form of small watercolors. I love the transparencies of the pinks and the oranges.

This one was a bit different, I got a lot more involved with the pen work and actually I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will do more. I had two days at home in my own studio and it was very rewarding. I will have to go to the studio downtown much less frequently if I am to complete any serious work. We are having the opening of the member's show this Saturday.
I will get pictures!

Finally, beat that: The red of tomato and beet, just gorgeous.

Take care. Take parenting lessons. I hear Dr. Brene Brown is offering some...

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