Thursday, May 21, 2009

Working, working, working

Finally, some more artwork to show you. No its not new, but I go through phases of hating things I have done, and I put them away and then one day I rediscover them and especially if its a sunny day, and I go hmm I like that. So, this are rejects that were reevaluated on a sunny day and were loved again. Watercolor can be such a pain, it goes so yacky grey so easily and that's what I hate the most.
So the house had been quiet all day, Nigel is away again, Montana this time, and I worked , worked, worked. At about five in the afternoon, I went upstairs sat on my bed and thought of artistic suicide or something of the sort. Then I rearranged my brain, decided once more it was either this or nothing at all, I went back downstairs and finished up three little watercolors that now look hmmm very, tres jolies. But I am not posting these yet. They have to be digested first.

Do you love your desk? With an all consuming love? I do. And its clean, its tidy. I try to keep the surface white because that's what gets my creative juices going. I guess I have always liked desks and tables. My grandmother had a table in her summer house , it had a little drawer in the middle for a few 'summer' knives, spoons forks. I have never told anyone before how much I delighted in that table, but unfortunately its gone and they don't make them like that any more. Anyway, going back to the desk, I scrub it, with nail polish remover for weird stains, alcohol for acrylic stains, and baking soda for a good , bright white surface. I think I am a maniac of sorts.
Do you love your desk? Do you have desk stories?
One more thing, have you ever listened to Lhasa? I have the 'Lhasa Living Road ' cd and its so totally gorgeous.

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Mandy Crooks said...

I know what you mean about loving your workspace-especially when it is clean! It becomes almost sacred.