Sunday, June 14, 2009

slow weekend

I needed a slow weekend. I needed to let more sunlight into my life. I looked at my pictures on Friday and realised with regret I had let them become more and more dark. There are underlying difficult issues but I am determined not to let them get the better of me. I thought, yes, some time off, some effort to take photos that have more light, some effort even in my artwork to focus more on color less on grey- almost like therapy- and why not? I bought some lovely, handmade Italian plates, about fifteen of them, different sizes, for $4...
I am thoroughly enjoying them- particularly now when tomatoes are juicy and so yummy with a little olive oil, some freshly cut, aromatic, basil, parmesan and tortellini. We had this very thing for dinner, with sweeeeeet watermelon for desert. Definitely part of a take-better-care-of-one's-self-regime.
Lucy of course won't eat tomatoes yet, it's a far too dangerously fresh and healthy food! At least she likes her cucumbers and avocado, in sushi (of all things), and she does eat carrots in the winter. Oh well! When she plays basketball its obvious that somehow, from some magical source she does get all the vitamins she needs...

So that was another weekend, eating, taking in the sunshine, pretending to clean the house, doing some ironing, taking lovely walks, watching out for seals , you know they look like puppies swimming, I have to admit I am becoming terribly fond of them.

I am truly a housebound person aren't I? But so be it... I have a Cancer ascendant , does that explain it all? But I am hoping, envisioning a small vacation. .. But really if you are an artist what do you want to do on your vacation? I want to run around and either look at art, or do some more painting, take time to draw leisurely in my sketchbook- So really, for me taking a vacation
(apart from eating lots of new fun stuff) means that I want to do what I do everyday but at a more leisurely pace. I dont' think my family will appreciate it very much...Maybe I am obsessed- does anyone understand what I mean?

So, in order to help positive things along, vacation or not, I bought something like twenty old magazines for next to nothing, dropped off Lucy to a birthday party, and went home, spread my loot on my bed, got some good scisssors and proceeded to cut images to add to my life-collage. I have had it for some eleven years, (imagine!), I brought it with me to Canada all across the Atlantic, its been growing and changing, and evolving like I am. But I have to tell you its quite an amazing tool for self knowlegde, focusing on one's goals and actually 'attracting' wonders into your life. An absolute must!
Have you ever tried it?


Sofia Kennedy said...

I have I have!!!
So inspired by yours was I that I started a few days later. I picked up some free mags from the library recently and added more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. It truly is very interesting.

caramela said...

Great Sophia! Good luck with it!