Tuesday, July 7, 2009

experimenting and changing-

A quiet, rainy, wintery day. I am not complaining, we had a run of gorgeous days. I was siting in the car waiting for Nigel Sunday afternoon, and it was so hot I sensed droplets of sweat forming on my scalp under my hair- do you know that feeling? So today I don't mind the cool morning, it seems perfect for a focused working day. I have solved a problem I had with printing my artwork, and I got out of bed excited that I can go ahead and try some new things, and maybe finally I will soon add a whole new bunch of my 'art-farm-produce' in the store.This time my basket of goodies will contain prints of originals worked with gouache, not watercolor. Time for a change... How much fun!
In a way I am happy its summer and I am forced to work small because Lucy is not at school and I can't lock myself in a room and paint large paintings in acrylics. For instance today we will work across from eachother on my desk - now that she has watched me doing some collage work she has slowed down a lot and it takes her much longer to finish one piece. So hopefully, I can keep her happy and quiet for some time. After that I have promised baking timy muffins. We found a baking tray for twenty-five tiny muffins the other day at a garage sale! Then we will walk.(and maybe I will cheat and let her watch Mulan, her favorite, for a little while, am I very bad?) Eat some muffins , do some painting, and walk some more. And enjoy the cool air of chaaaaaaange.
Now one last thing, if you enjoy dancing you might just love this- My daughter Rea found it and I think its brilliant, and full of irony and humour and girl-power!
Tell me what you think...


belinda marshall said...

thanks for the blog award! that's great that you are jumping out of bed ~ am curious to see what you are making :)

Kylie said...

Hi Doug! Woh, I'm still recovering from that dancing - how cool was that?! Do your daughters dance? My eldest does dancing like this so yes, I do love it but I'm very biased :) Now, about your plans for the day... you place very high expectations on yourself! You are such a good mother! I start the day by saying to my girls "Right, this is what I'm doing today. What are you doing? Okay, off you go!" I can't stand them looking to me for entertainment. See, that's a bad mother! ;) Having said that, though, I do love it when we paint together... Good luck with your gouache - very much looking forward to seeing it :) K