Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August, and redifining order-

That doesn't make sense does it? Redifining order in August? It should be the month where you put your feet up, count nonexistent clouds, splash in some water or other, and eat watermelon until you are pink and sticky...Well, it wasn't meant to be this year. Rea is probably doing something of the sort in Greece. But as I told the rest of my clan, if we go away on vacation and come back to this jungle of a garden of ours we will immediately waste all this new found energy on feeling terribly guilty and irritated by it all. But,...if we stay and work on the garden we will feel so good and reenergised , it will be like we have just had a vacation in the Bahamas... Well, the point is that they bought it!....We are staying and taking the third week of August to

redefine our amazingly neglected and terrible looking garden...We are hoping to create the garden that takes care of itself and needs no maintenance- hahahah- so we sill probably put as much gravel as possible and do a stone garden instead-( by the way these are some pictures from the weekend I didn't post before- some of my work, Lucy the visiting cat, and an image from the Little Nest-don't you love those blues?)

The garden aside, I need to do some serious cleaning around the house, as well as some inner psychic cleansing as well, if you know what I mean. I feel like writing pages on end in my journal, making maps and lists of where I want to go and what I need to accomplish and what I need to leave behind. Do you do that sort of thing?

I am not a hoarder, when it starts to feel like we have been accumulating too much stuff I becoome irritated and annoyed, and start getting the garbage bags out...In and out!

But I do have a goodie for you to link up to- I came across Eric Carle's blog- don't you love him?

I found it here...

Have a lovely Tuesday....


Laura said...

Brilliant, Annamaria. A vacation is no good if, when you come home, you feel more stressed out than when you left. Here's to you home vacation-it will feel rejuvenating to get all in order. Have a wonderful time.


caramela said...

Thank you Laura, I definitely need the encouragement!

Kylie said...

Good on you!! I totally understand the need to make your home your haven, and the garden is a big part of that. Vacations are wonderful but a beautiful garden will last MUCH longer! A garden you can enjoy will be a joy every day I think. Lucky Rea for missing out on the work! ;)
I am a hoarder of certain things... books, fabric, art supplies etc, but all the rest... no way. I regularly clear the decks of ... stuff (there's no other word for it!) I try to keep the house "light", but my workroom...!
it's so heavy with so many things!
Thanks for another great post! K x

our little love nest said...

I think we are getting to a place where we really need some balance between our adventures and caring for our home. It is a little off balance as of late. So good to get into your mind space. You are so wise in doing that, besides where you live is so amazing you could take the evenings off and go play at so many vacation-esque spots. I always felt like life was a bit like a post card when I lived there.
p.s. I love both of those blogs.xo

elk said...

the first photo of your work is really inspiring....plus the kitty too!

we have no vacation this summer but it is relaxing

ArtMind said...

We're staying home too this year. Just to enjoy home and being crafty and doing stuff we never seem to have time to do. It's great!
I love the blue chairs and Eric Carle! Thanks for sharing his blog! :)
I wish you a good cleansing & hope you will feel refreshed afterwards! :)

caramela said...

Thank you all, yes , I guess having a mini-vacation at home should be good too-

Woollywotnots.com said...

I was reading only this week that it is all the trend to take vacation at home! and do all the things we never have time to do! Sounds like you will have the best of both worlds! have fun holidaying in your garden! :-)

Woollywotnots.com said...

Oh I forgot to mention Eric Carle too. I love his work but hadn't come across his website before. I've just read through it all. Thanks for the link. I love the sketch of the lion as part of his self portrait. That is such a fun project.