Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's mini-interview with Belinda Kemp

What inspires you?

Saturated or blurred colours in the landscape {my surroundings} are very inspiring to me. I really like the colours outside on a grey day after it has rained~ the prominent colours seem to jump out. How do you turn your inpiration into art?

I usually do this subcosciously! I try to use sketchbooks but end up mainly using loose pieces of paper which I can cut up~ and stick up in a visually obvious place in my work place : on the walls or pinboards. It's just a matter of time! I try to make quick sketches of an idea and add enough notes so I can remember the thought when I get time to try to create the work.

How do you balance your commitments to family life and art making?

Aaaagghh, it's tricky!

They both feel like they need to be full-time jobs { I think lots of us know this feeling} but I try to squeeze as much into the time I have available. I do have 2 'school hours' slots {9.30-2.30} and Saturdays in winter, which is coming to an end soon. I do most of my computer work at night before dinner~I am super lucky in that my husband cooks and is very supportive of my need to work.

And Sunday afternoon is really the official 'family' slot, which if I think about it, is not enough either! I kind of have to just try to live it and do things without thinking too much or I get a bit stressed/unsettled and try to reinvent the balance. I know the kids are only little for a short time and that down the track I will have 5 school-hour slots!

But it is a juggle fitting in family time, work time, time out for both of us individually, exercise for both of us, socialising and haircuts! I often wonder how other poeple do it :)

Actually, I'd love to hear about some good timetables!

Thank you so much for the insights into your art-parctice and life Belinda!

I've been admiring Belinda's artwork for some time now and I am delighted to see how the clarity and depth of her work are a reflection of her thinking and her life.

For more please visit Belinda's blog here, and her etsy-shop full of lovely treasures.

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Lovely interesting interview! :-)

our little love nest said...

OOOooh I am so loving this interview. Belinda is amazing. xo

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Laura said...

very talented. thanks for sharing!

Kylie said...

Hi Annamaria! Great interview. I love Belinda's work :) I love how she mentions the colours you see after it's rained - I feel such a buzz when I see that too. Hope you had a great weekend? Love, K x

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thanks annamaria for sharing your space with me {and your lovely round up}.
thanks too for all the great comments :)

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so nice to meet such a spirit filled artist

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A wonderful interview! Excellent artworks - so colourful and original :)

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Thanks for sharing, great intervieuw

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Thanks for sharing. I wasn't familiar with her work. Lovely.

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I love Belinda's artwork!!