Monday, August 10, 2009

Three questions for Sophia

What inspires you?

Most of all colour-everywhere, natural and otherwise. I love how colours move and change next to eachother and how they create a mood. Good design, innovation, and seeing other people be creative excites me too. Actually, a blank white wall is super inspiring because I want to cover it in colourful paintings.

How do you turn your inspiration to art?
Inspiration needs to simmer for a while inside. Suddenly it starts to bubble and needs to transform into something tangible. I'm not disciplined, I feel inspiration everyday but I don't paint everyday. When I do paint nothing else matters and I have to do it.

How do you balance your commitment to family life and being a mother with your art work?
The moment I found out I was pregnant I wanted to paint. I painted a great deal during that time and I 've been painting ever since. My son is very creative so we do creative things together. I had great art teachers growing up and I want to make sure he experiences some of the same things I did, in his own way. I'm lucky to have a supportive family so when I need my own time to create I can usually get it.
Sophia has an Etsy store-take a look!
Thank you Sophia!


Laura said...

beautiful work, Sophia! How interesting to hear about your process. Thanks!

fengshui in this new era said...

thanks :)

elk said...

the flow of color is exquisite in these pieces...nice to meet you ..loved the interview

Amanda Nicole said...

Her painting are truly gorgeous. I love how she describes colour, too! said...

What an interesting interview.

Sofia Kennedy said...

Anna Maria, Can you believe I only saw this today.
Thank you! Here's my website.
You're the best blogger ever,