Monday, April 5, 2010

Empty tanks turn me into Eeyore...

Easter was quiet. Very quiet. My mind wasn't in it.
My mind was actually quite blank for a few days there. I think I turned into Eeyore, when Eeyroe lost his tail. (see: trail, path, direction, sense of his own limits...) Yes. I admit, sometimes I turn into Eeyore... and like to sit on a 'thisly corner of the forest' all on my own... I returned to the studio for the varnishing, final things, but not to paint or draw. That all ended Friday. I was emptied out I think.
Tank very empty . I thought I would never touch another brush in my life. Well, I took that back today when I went into the studio and caressed my panels. Doesn't that sound like the silliest thing in the world? But it's true!

Still, I feel that this cycle (of work) has ended, which is funny because this month completes a year of the blog -my
first year!!!- and a year of working on 'small blessings'. It has been very personal, very much about my family and my story and all the things very close to me, and really I feel a great urge to move on to something that will bridge the personal with the larger picture. I am not sure what yet. I have some reading to do . It really feels very important to do a lot of reading now.

Meanwhile, last time I promised to tell about the installation , but I thought I will show you when its all
up on the wall. It will make a lot more sense that way.
But I will tell you that it involves quite a lot of text, broken up text, not continuous, but enough to hopefully engage the viewers in a different way from the paintings.
I have missed reading your blogs and I will, promise, catch up with everyone tomorrow!


ELK said...

you are such a descriptive artist in both word and paint.The Eeyore in me comes out often as awhile A.I will watch for the bridge with interest.

gretchenmist said...

it's nice to allow yourself a blank mind! i guess it should happen often really . . .
congrats on your first year of blogging ~ i love reading your blog :)
popping off to read earlier posts.

Kylie said...

Congratulations Annamaria!!! I'm so very glad you started blogging. I hope it's still helping you on your journey. I can absolutely relate to Eeyore - what a great analogy! I'm going to use that from now on ;) LOVE the drawings and can't wait to see the installation. Kx

Laura said...

i am SO looking forward to seeing your show. the sneak peaks are tantalizing:)

our little love nest said...

You really do express yourself incredibly and leave me with such great images in my mind. I so relate with Eeyore too from time to time. My interest is piqued and I so want to see the installation. Wish I was back home. WOOT WOOT!!! Your package did arrive in all its utter beauty and the funny thing was delivered not to me but to a neighbor....I finally got it this evening! It is positively perfect! I love every little bit! The way you wrapped it up in more art made me so happy!
Thank you so very MUCH!!!!! You are wonderful! xoxo

red-handed said...

Ah, Eeyore ... I played him in junior high, with long ears and a longer face.