Friday, January 21, 2011

New work complete-

 Woken by the storm-
Acrylics on canvas-
This painting started four years ago I left it alone in a 'dark room' for a while. Now it is 'better'-(it had some time to think...)
On the left Riitta Peirone, on the right Jane Hennesy. Jennifer Mitton was there too, but the photo
didn't work(sorry Jennifer)- They are all Fantastic Artists and Wonderful Friends. We have been painting and drawing next to eachother during life drawing sessions at Basic,  a few years now. So it makes me absolutely delighted to be part of this show! And today was the day of the 'hanging'- or some of it anyway-
There will be more pictures-

You are obviously all invited to the opening, with lots of yummy food and wine! It is on Saturday the 29th, from 6-9pm. Do come and say hi, the work is seriously exciting, it would be such a treat to share it with all of you!

Suprisingly, I am not mortally depressed... I am actually happy a chapter seems closed now. I am already thinking of what is ahead.
Which makes it all: much better.



Anonymous said...

Wow, looks good! Good luck with the opening, too bad it's a bit far for me to travel :-)

annamaria said...

Thank you Julie- I wish you could be there!

Kylie said...

LOVE the new/old work, Annamaria! So much strength there. Good luck with your exhibition too... wish that I could be there, but you know that :) Kx

Francesca said...

annamaria this is wonderful! you're a talented lady. just saw all this new work on flickr, love it all especially not alone and summer memories. fantastic! x

annamaria said...

Thank you Kylie and Francesca! Phew! I was so nervous really about showing this new-old work- It was lots of work and lots odf love!XX

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a glorious painting!
Fills me with hope

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

sounds like it'll be an excellent show and lots of fun. would love to be there. it's quite something to get back into an old work i think ~ congrats on finishing it {it's great}, and yay for new things!
had the biggest grin at your last comment! thankyou :)

gracia said...

I like how you describe that it (the painting) had some time to think, and it is a evocative title too.

Laura said...

oh my gosh! IT IS BRILLIANT! such movement...gorgeous. good wishes to you and the ladies on the 29th. i wish i could be there:)

Sofia Kennedy said...

BEAUTIFUL! The incubation period was well worth it.
Looking forward to seeing the show.

Shayna Prentice said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS painting !!!