Monday, April 20, 2009

sunny Monday

This is part of yesterday's treasure hunt. A leaf in decay, but I have never before seen or noticed the underlying stucture, thin as the thinnest of silks and surprisingly strong not frail. And some artwork: Helene's transformation to a flower pot.I will try to put down some thoughts later, now I have to cook. Lazy mom's cooking pasta with tuna. Thankfully the children love it. The house is a mess. I am so behind with my househeeping duties and I really don't like them but I also really don't like other people cleaning up our messes. I don't like other people going into my bedroom. When I had some house help I used to feel incredibly guilty when she would come over and the house would be dirty. I am in a twist aren't I? Well off I go the happy housewife!

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