Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring blessings and watercolor blessings

My neighbor has planted the most beautiful fig tree in his garden. I have never tasted any of his figs, I am such a good one!, but I do envy them and I love the form of this tree in all seasons. It has been the inspiration of many of my' small blessings.' This 'small blessing' I have also worked on a few times. I feel the composition has much potential, I haven't yet exhausted it.
This one is a fun experiment and again I haven't got exactly what I am looking for, but the whole idea behind the 'small blessings' is to experiment, follow the brush ,or a shape in my head and see what happens.

And then there is spring, finally here, my heart sings with all the pink, lavender and white blossoms.

Wherever you are, have a good day.

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