Monday, July 6, 2009


I had another happy morning, picked up my coffee, turned on my computer and what did I find? I have just received a make-my-heart-smile-blog-award from the ever creative, crafter-knitter-extraordinaire! Katharine from woolywotnots- I delight in her knitted cupcakes, I adore the knitted toothpaste and toothbrush, what's better than a knitter with a good sense of humour!- you just have to love her shop-s(many)- Thank you Katharine! Meanwhile, I had been meaning to show you these 'stone-fish' , they are part of a much larger series of mosaics anonymously left here and there on the sea-wall in W. Vancouver- I love the fish more than anything else though- because there is something very poetic about small- ever moving -little fish trapped in stone...-

Of course Lucy had to be part of this - but her clothes compliment the mosaics too!!

And last but absolutely not least, I am to award ten you make-my-heart-smile-blog-awards and here they are:

1. the Hidden Seed (amazing sense of beauty and fashion )

2. our little love nest (abundant creativity, lovely artwork)

3. mrseliotbooks ( gorgeous designs and art)

4. 3sheets (inspiring, thought-provoking blog)

5. heather smith jones( amazing art, delicious food!)

6. ninainvorm( my color-therapy blog)

7. june-rhymes-with-moon (delicate, lovely art)

8. gretchenmist ( gorgeous art, lovely collections of etsy finds)

9. stacey winters ( inspiring art to look at and to wear!)

10. tiny red design ( imaginative, lovely artwork)

There are so many more blogs I love- but I am only allowed ten! (this time around...)



Elsita :) said...

Congratulations Annamaria on your blog award!
And thank you so much for passing it along!
I am honored to be part of your list!
All my best!
Elsita :)

Francesca said...

thank you anna maria! i'm glad i discovered you!

Janelle said...

Thanks very much Annamaria! You're a lovely blog-friend :)


woollywotnots said...

Wow Annamaria! What an accolade. Thank you so much. You're words are so very kind. I love reading your blog over a lovely cup of coffee :-)

woollywotnots said...

I love mosaics and these fish are simply amazing. So beautiful. Lucy looks very cute in her coordinated outfit! :-) I love your top ten blog picks. Some are already in my bloglines that I know about and I'm off to add the rest... :-)

Kylie said...

Hi Anna Maria - this is a lovely morning surprise! Thank you so much! Thanks for your beautiful words too :) Gorgeous mosaics and Lucy looks so cute. Kylie x

Sofia Kennedy said...

I came across this blog and thought you would be interested.
Hope to run into you again soon.

our little love nest said...

Congrats and a big thank you to you! You are so sweet. Your blog is the first I am reading after returning from our mini vacation and I am so glad. It always makes my heart smile. xoxo