Sunday, July 12, 2009

words from 1850-

Phew...all finished, so tired I can barely I won't...- but I will copy this for you from the Journals of Eugene Delacroix:

thursday July 18 1850:

(...) Cold exactitude is not art; ingenious artifice, when it pleases or when it expresses, is art itself. The so-called conscientiousness of the majority of painters is only perfection applied to the art of boring. People like that, if they could do it, would work with the same minute attention on the back of their canvas. It would be interesting to write a treatise on all the falsehoods which can add up to truth.(...)

LOL-Don't you just love the man? I adore that last line-


Kylie said...

Powerful thoughts... I need to think further on them, but yes, that last line is a cracker. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog! It would be rather weird carrying around the plate, wouldn't it?!! You made me laugh :) Hope all went well at the markets - it looks like Lucy had fun? Hope it was profitable in other ways too ;) Kylie x

our little love nest said...

Love it!! Lucy is the cutest! You seem like such a fun and wonderful mom. Love the face painting. We did face painting at Point Grey for a community fund raiser in a school across from our church right before I moved here. I loved it. I want to help out with one of those again. The kids are so cute. xoxo

Stacy said...

The face painting is beautiful! Lucy is gorgeous.