Friday, October 9, 2009

Two for day 2

Well, it was studio day today, so my task was to respond to the model in front of me. I have been using paper lately that is not very good with watercolor (because I want to print digital prints from it and it is whiter than my watercolor paper, better for knowing what the final print will be like)-that's is why I work with a lot of lines- the paper can deal with the line work but not with too many layers of watercolor as I used to work. Now this in itself, a response to a practical issue, has opened a whole new area of visual and expressive possibilities. Isn't that something?

In the second one I drew with my brush rather than the marker, and next time I want to try a much finer brush and see what happens then.
I find the lower part really interesting and I suppose really successful, I love the way the shapes 'speak' to eachother.
I am thinking these little ones are both about what is there and about what is
not there.
Many hugs


Kylie said...

Yes, I agree - very interesting the interplay of sameness and difference. Love the lower part of the second one particularly :) K

Woollywotnots said...

Your post was really interesting and I like the way you've explained how to try again in a different way. I really like these two.

belinda marshall said...

lovely annamaria {sorry it's sunday night, the words are short, but i enjoyed the read!!}