Friday, November 6, 2009

Bittersweet- paintings

This one started in the spring. It has an unbelievable amount of layers of acrylic paint on it.
Thankfully it is a small painting ! The truth is I am absolutely enamoured with the thick layering and the resulting creamy texture. I missed that with all the years of paitning watercolors.

She is feeling a bit bittersweet, but I wouldn't worry about her. She has learned to get the most pleasure out of the smallest things in her life, so she will be fine afterall...
I took Lucy today to my dear friend Krystina who offered to teach her how to crochet. The result of this was that I can't keep my hands from my hook and yarn ,and Lucy was at it until after ten when her dad scolded her and turned off the light in her room.
This weekend we will be under the spell of yarn yum! yea..!!!


Kylie said...

Oh how exciting!!! That sounds like great fun - a bevy of crocheters! So in love with these paintings, Annamaria... especially the top one. You are really doing some amazing things :) K

Laura said...

every new painting delights me more.

Woollywotnots said...

Lovely paintings. Your work is amazing. What a lovely story to hear about you and your daughter's crotchet! I'd love to learn. Have fun!

ELK said...

oh my friend the layers of paint and yarn overflow in your little corner of the world...a delight

our little love nest said...

Those are beautiful...loving the colours! I agree the texture of acrylic is so enticing.

Too cute and funny that both you and Lucy were under the spell of crocheting. I am the same way.

Happy new week! xoxo