Monday, November 9, 2009

Plants bathing and something about All That Katy Did'

The plants were in need of a good bath-

Lucy and I have taken up Susan Coolidges' All That Katy Did, as our bedtime reading.

" Well, there's the lesson of Patience. That's one of the hardest studies. You can't learn much of it at a time, but every bit you get by heart, makes the next bit easier. And there's the lesson of Cheerfulness. And the lesson of Making the Best of Things."

Sometimes I think that every generation keeps rephrasing things, maybe using a different vocabulary, but the essence remains always the same.
And in a sense it is only fair that it should be so , is it not?
I really thought that the book would be rather old-fashioned and difficult for Lucy to understand but I was wrong. She really is enjoying it. So am I.

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Kylie said...

It sounds so lovely! We have it on the girls' book shelf here and I know I read it as a child but I'm really struggling to remember it... Time for a refresher I think! Thanks for this Annamaria :) K