Thursday, January 21, 2010

keeping it small-

All about feet.
Some stories are all about a part of the body-feet, thighs, breasts, nose.
I have really ugly feet. The truth is I was never really troubled by that, only marginally, but probably because I love drawing them. They are fascinating forms, don't you think? And they are also so very precious, carrying all our weight around and all. And as I was doing this I thought of winged feet, which is the means of transforming the ugly feet story- by
the gift of wings.

Yes, my friends these are the silly things I think of when I am painting but then I also think about color relationships.
And line qualities.
As I was making this one I had to add a series of a's and I remembered very clearly the pleasure and the effort it took to write my first letters. I wanted to stay there.

I remember things more clearly while I am painting than at any other time. Is art then a game of hide and seek?
Seeking small memories, whispering thoughts, little voices under layers and layers of the demands of 'now'? And why should one seek them you say, why are they important after all?
Is it just a means of grasping to life?



Kylie said...

I love it when you're in a playful mood, Annamaria! Your thoughts are always so much fun :) I've always loved feet too - the are such funny things. It is true what you say about painting - I think it's because it's such a meditative space that does free your mind to explore areas of the past or issues of the present that might otherwise be crowded out by daily life. Love your paintings, as always. Thanks for this :) K

belinda marshall said...

i'm inspired by what you are doing here. i agree with kylie ~ that luxury of time and space to think! whatever you feel like thinking.
i like your stories :)

Laura said...

this work is just beautiful. i love it so much. wonderful balance. have a lovely weekend!

red-handed said...

Me: size 15's.
Me: endlessly watching clerks shake their heads.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you all- I am happy you find feet odd and funny too-
Have a lovely day -
Annamaria xx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


Maybe we call on everything we have ever done when we create. So all our experiences have led to that particular piece of art on that day. These new works are very rich. Like the dense color with the delicate lines.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Julie, I think it is just like you say-
Annamaria xx

Katrina said...

these are so lovely... i just adore those little winged feet.

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that you can let a painting evolve organically with your thoughts while you're painting. I'm much more concrete. I envy you!!

Fine Little Day said...

I like what I see here Annamaria!