Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Busy in the studio-

I am doing small, intuitive
watercolors all within the theme of storytelling. I am stretching and pulling and trying to allow things to evolve. When I think I have lost something I take it further and lo and behold it comes to a happy conclusion!
I am using watercolor in transparent but also in thick layers like I use my acrylics. Very iconoclastic I know, but so satisfying!

I am thinking about storytelling and how we get trapped in our own stories. A deep well here.
The question of course is, can we re-write our stories and what does it take to do that?

How much of 'us' is fixed and how much is the end-result of this entrapment in our own 'story'?

I can only answer these questions for myself, and this I will be thinking about while preparing for my coming show in April. I am so happy and involved here that I woke up at six thirty and did laundry, cleaned a bathroom, vacuumed a third of the house, called Elli in Greece, called Lucy's dentist and did my list for the day, all before nine in the morning... I AM GOOOOD. I am guarding my precious studio-hours like a -...-well, I don't know exactly what, but something ferocious...!

I will leave you with some inspiration:

A page from the skechbook of a potter.

And an artcard by the lovely Heather.


ELK said...

that is me in the third we all feel at times I am sure!

Kim Baise said...

I love the girl trapped in her story searching for her lost teapot! Beautiful mess of colors!!!

Kylie said...

Oh wow! You are good babe! Pumping on all cylinders I see :) Love your works in progress and totally enthralled with the thinking behind them. Won't cloud you with my own thoughts, but then they are still developing too and whirling around my brain... very interesting topic! Other scrapbooks and cards attached just wonderful finds - thank you :) K

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Elk, Kim and Kylie- I am always so thrilled to find sweet words...-
Annamaria xx

Woollywotnots said...

Such an interesting post and very inspiring. It is interesting to read about your thought process and see all your work.

caramelcaramelo said...

hello! the third drawing is so beautiful! kenza

red-handed said...

Trapped and liberated, the door is closed but the key is right there on the floor. Lovely work!

kirsty said...

I am absolutely loving your work and have given you a well-deserved blog award for bringing me smiles and sunshine! Visit my blog to collect it!

Evie said...

oh hello my name is evie, i am so glad ive stumbled across your blog. i received something from you in the artist exchange however lost you card thats why i hadnt been in touch. i adore the piece you sent me and have been wanting to thank you. so thank you heaps and apologies for my tardiness xx

holly aka golly said...

I had a professor once tell me we are not looking for answers per se. Just learning to refine the question. That message stuck with me all these years. I still think about it when I am beginning a new project and trying to find my way.