Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small acrylic painting- A child playing.

Lucy asked me yesterday if the world will explode in 2012 (because her friend said so....)
-'no Lucy, it won't'-
'But mom you did say once that the planet will explode one day'-
-'In millions of years from now'-
...Then there was some strange calculating in her head...and she said:
'So the world will start all over again and maybe the dinosaurs will return- ...- so maybe I will get the chance to do first and second grade again and correct my mistakes and get better grades...'-
What I find so funny here, is not the irrationality of the thinking process, (its magical and imaginative), but the very deep human need to correct one's wrongdoing, the desire for a second chance, the regrets of an eight-year-old...
Talking about regrets, I have decided to approach resolutions differently this year, I will actually scale down my expectations. Better to focus on three or four things and do them best.
So in 2010 I will continue my study of cooking, and menu planning, but I will not make a vegetable garden.(next year)
I will focus on painting and learning as much as I can about the business side of art which is something I should have done ages ago.
I will try to keep a daily routine which is so very difficult for me but necessary and cost-effective really. I need to take small breaks when I get too tired and not be a perfectionist, not try to clean the whole house in one day with one breath, not paint the world right after... I will plan...
I will not diet. I will eat chocolate.
I will make my own bread. Lots of it.
I will blog. Love it.
I will definitely keep the daily walks.


Good luck with yours!
I hug you-


belinda marshall said...

love the colours in this one + the sentiment.
a refreshing approach to your new year i think! i like your realistic goals and intentions + your need for chocolate :)
i've just enrolled in the bakery course as i thought it time to learn about the business side of art too!

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you Belinda! Hmm, I see,... another artist who will 'paint for chocolate'!
Annamaria xx

Laura said...

annamaria- I am besotted with this painting. and your reflections are very helpful-i,too, have the same tendencies. many thanks.

annamaria potamiti said...

Thank you for visiting Laura- really appreciate your sweet comments-
Annamaria xx

paintdropskeepfalling said...

Good luck with those unresolved resolutions!! Especially the chocolate one :) I've just ordered The Artists Guide - How To Make A Living - might be good, I'll let you know.

ELK said...

oh this just spoke to me today ...your soft simple painting that awes me and then the list...the scaled down expectations...bliss!

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Dear Annamaria- thank you so much for your thoughts... and the lovely painting! And I adore the one with the two girls and the swan, really wonderful - is it a "half-finished"? To me it's perfect!

annamaria potamiti said...

Yes, Claire I would love to know more about that book!
And Elaine your comments are sweet and thank you!
and Iris,the 'swan painting' is already undergoing changes I am afraid, hmmm-I live in hope that I will improve rather than ruin!
thank you anyway,
Annamaria xx

Fine Little Day said...

"I will not diet. I will eat chocolate" sound so good to me :) Lovely painting!

our little love nest said...

Alright with goals like those, I may end up at your house a.s.a.p. for bread and chocolate and if you combine the two, I would be on the next flight there. Love it! xoxo
Happy New Year, friend!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

No, no diets and lots of chocolate!
Perfectionism - I've been battling with that one for years... once you learn to let go a bit,everything seems so much easier.
Your resolutions are good, healthy attainable ones!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

This painting makes me think of being safe inside, but it has an 'outside' feeling too with the green carpet reminding me of grass, and the houseplant like a jungle tree.
Bread and chocolate. The staples needed for happiness!

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely lovely post annamaria, good luck with it all ...and if we are happy we are able to do so much more hey....., walks cakes..cooking and art making whats not to love :)

alessandra said...

It's lovely here...and yes definitely your resolutions for this new year sounds very reasonable...:)I like the chocolate bit!

Ana Gonzalez said...

I like your work.